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At the Benedictine Schools of Richmond, our faculty and staff are our most valuable resource and a major reason families choose to join our community. The schools attract employees from across the nation with competitive salaries, an excellent benefits package, professional development opportunities, tuition remission, and much more.

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  • 79%

    Faculty with masters degrees
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    Full-Time Faculty
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    Average years working for BSoR
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    Part-Time Faculty

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How to Apply: General inquiries regarding employment at the Benedictine Schools of Richmond may be submitted to careers@benedictineschools.org.

To apply for a teaching or staff position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a completed application, to the Human Resources Manager: Jaime Harmeyer  – jharmeyer@benedictineschools.org.

To apply for a coaching position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a completed application, to the Athletic Director: Fran Pochily  – fpochily@saintgertrude.org.

Open Job Positions

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  • Marketing Associate (Full-Time)

    Marketing Associate Job Description
    Full-Time, 12-month employee, benefits-eligible Start Date, Immediate Opening

    The Benedictine Schools of Richmond is hiring a marketing associate, a new position reporting to the director of communications. The ideal candidate will have experience in inbound marketing activities and a creative mind to help the two schools stay fresh and competitive. The ideal marketing associate will be a communicator with a breadth of skills and knowledge across various marketing disciplines who possesses both “left-” and “right-brain” abilities and understands brand integrity, storytelling, and experiential marketing. He/she should be a master storyteller and writer; a lover of words and brevity; can listen to someone talk for 30 minutes and distill their message into a single perfect sentence.

    The Benedictine Schools of Richmond will rely on this marketing professional’s ability to collaborate with a team of thinkers and doers, as well as a strong capacity for managing multiple tasks at one time. He/she will be expected to prepare and present ideas and deliverables on a regular basis, and research market trends and industry data to help us stay on the cutting edge.
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  • Substitute Teacher (Part-Time)

    When a teacher is absent, a qualified substitute is needed to carry out the educational program. As a substitute teacher, you'll become an integral part of a school's educational team, amplifying your teaching expertise while maximizing the learning experience for students. A substitute teacher assists with classroom instruction in the absence of a regular teacher. This person follows and teaches lesson plans, aids students in understanding subject matter, and ensures that regular classroom routines are followed.

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Provide meaningful instruction to students in assigned classrooms while regular teacher is absent
    • Review and implement regular teacher's routines, procedures, lesson plans, and curriculum objectives
    • Establish and maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment
    • Perform other duties as directed by school administration

    To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a completed application, to the Human Resources Manager: Jaime Harmeyer  – jharmeyer@benedictineschools.org.
  • General Head Coach Positions

    The Benedictine Schools of Richmond is currently accepting applications to be a head coach for either Saint Gertrude or Benedictine. To apply for a coaching position, please submit a cover letter, resume, a completed application, and an essay titled “My View of America” to the Athletic Director: Fran Pochily  – fpochily@benedictineschols.org.

    Job Title: Head Coach
    Reports to: Athletic Director
    FLSA Status: Non-exempt, Part-time, seasonal
    Regular Hours: variable, typically 3-6 p.m.

    Job Summary: The head coach reports to the director of athletics and is generally responsible for the management of her/his team including teaching skill development and game rules, as well as developing good sportsmanship, teamwork, and Christian values in their athletes. This position is temporary for the duration of a season and is part-time. The employee is not eligible for employee benefits as described in the Employee Handbook.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Provides instruction for skill development and game rules; works to continuously improve personal skills and knowledge of sport, competition strategies and preparation, conditioning techniques, effective teaching skills, and prevention and care of injuries
    • Imparts good sportsmanship, teamwork, and Christian values to athletes through instruction and example. Good manners and respect must be demonstrated at all times to the game officials, coaches, athletes, and parents (both BCP/SGHS and opposing teams). Adheres to all policies in Coaches Handbook, including VISAA Code of Conduct
    • Conducts practices during the time set up/approved by the athletic director; practices should be held daily (except on game days), and any unscheduled practice time must be cleared in advance by the athletic director. All game scheduling will be done by the athletic director in conjunction with the head coach. There is to be no athletic activities allowed on Sundays.
    • Establishes discipline that is fair, firm, and consistent in accordance with school policies and is respectful of all student athletes
    • Conducts at least one preseason team meeting with players and parents to discuss team policies, guidelines, goals, responsibilities, and disciplinary expectations and consequences
    • Responsible for maintaining, disbursing, and returning all equipment and uniforms provided by the school; only the athletic director is authorized to make purchases related to the team. Requests for additional equipment or uniforms and suggestions for budgeting for subsequent years should be in writing to the athletic director. Any team requested fundraising must be cleared by the athletic director in advance
    • Carries emergency first aid equipment with team at all times, as well as a mobile device that provides access to student medical information online; reports any possible injuries to the athletic trainer immediately
    • Provides supervision for all team athletes until picked up by parents or designated drivers following practices and games
    • Maintains team statistics and reports scores to the media
    • Travels with the team on all bus trips to away games and supervises athlete behavior while traveling
    • Assists individual players in their post-high school athletic goals as it pertains to college recruiting, camp/clinics, and other out-of-season opportunities
    Supervisory Responsibilities:  Supervises assistant coach(es)

    Job Requirements:
    • Ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, coaches, officials, and administrative staff
    • Ability to inspire and motivate high school athletes to achieve team goals
    • Ability to work varied hours depending on game schedule and athletic season and to adjust schedule in response to weather and other school issues
    • Ability to travel to other schools and game sites
    • Valid driver’s license with clean driving record and ability to operate mini-bus with 14 passengers
    • Ability to be outdoors and work away from a desk on a field for long periods of time
    • Ability to lift 50 pounds
    • Completion of Diocesan VIRTUS initial training and all monthly updates throughout employment
    • A belief in God, and an understanding and willingness to model the philosophy and mission of the Benedictine Schools of Richmond
    Minimum Qualifications:
    • Demonstrated skill and experience in the relevant sport.
    • Minimum of one year prior coaching experience.
    • College degree preferred.
    Nothing in this job description restricts the school’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this position at any time. This position is at-will, which means that either the employee or the school may terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without notice and for any reason or no reason.
  • Bus Driver (Part-Time)

    The Benedictine Schools of Richmond seeks a part-time bus driver. The position is responsible for driving students on field trips and to sporting practices and events. The ideal candidate will demonstrate:

    • A commitment to maintaining the property and vehicles of the school at a high level.
    • A thorough understanding of, and commitment to, safety protocols both on the campus and in our vehicles.
    • A proven, spotless commercial driving record.
    • The bus driver transports students to and from designated activities; ensures vehicle is in safe operating condition; and ensures safety of students during transport, loading and unloading from buses.
    • The bus driver will be asked to support occasional field trips during the school day to local sites, and transportation of athletic teams after school and on weekends.
    Essential Functions:
    • Transports passengers over scheduled routes to and from school and/or field trips in a safe and timely manner.
    • Monitors students and other passengers during transit to maintain safety and follow district policy.
    • Performs pre-trip and post-trip inspections (e.g. fluid levels, tire pressure, exterior condition, mirrors, etc.) to ensure the safe operating condition of the vehicle and comply with mandated guidelines.
    • Advises students and other passengers of appropriate behavior to reinforce regulations and maintain passenger safety.
    • Assesses incidents, complaints, accidents and/or potential emergency situations (e.g. road hazards, medical emergencies, accidents, etc.) and resolves and/or recommends a resolution to the situation.
    • Assists students and other passengers in safe loading and unloading from buses during both emergency situations and normal transport.
    • Prepares documents and reports (e.g. incident/accident reports, inspections records, passenger misconduct, student counts, etc.) as needed.
    • Reports observations and/or incidents (e.g. discipline, inappropriate social behavior, etc.) to appropriate personnel.
    • Responds to inquiries (e.g. students, parents, other school personnel, etc.) to provide information and/or direction.
    • Cleans assigned vehicles, both interior and exterior to ensure safety, appearance, and sanitation of vehicle.
    • Performs other related duties, as assigned, to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.
    Required Qualifications:
    • Valid Commercial Driver’s License with any necessary endorsements
    • Commercial driving experience with good driving history
    • High school diploma (or equivalent)
    To apply please submit a cover letter and a completed application to Jaime Harmeyer at jharmeyer@benedictineschools.org.

Why Richmond?

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  • Top 25 Best Places to Live

    - US News and World Report
  • Home to Nine Fortune 500 Companies

  • #2 Living Destination for Millennials

    - Time Magazine
  • Daytrip access: Appalachian Trail, VA Beach, DC

  • Leader in the Arts: VMFA, Richmond Symphony, Richmond Ballet

  • Leader in History: Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Confederate History Museum

Non-Discrimination Statement

Benedictine Schools of Richmond is an equal opportunity employer. The school encourages, seeks, and will employ applicants the school deems qualified for the position sought, regardless of age, ethnic background, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, or physical ability, with reasonable accommodation to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. However, as Catholic schools in the Benedictine tradition, the Benedictine Schools of Richmond reserves the right to use religion as a hiring criterion for selected positions, as permitted by law.