The Campaign for Saint Gertrude

Honoring Our Centennial. Our Sisterhood. Our Future.The Campaign for Saint Gertrude

The Campaign for Saint Gertrude is a comprehensive campaign with five components that will ensure a strong and secure future for both Saint Gertrude and Benedictine with a continued focus on single-sex education.

This comprehensive Campaign will most notably provide a new 50,000 square-foot home for Saint Gertrude with impressive views of the James River that sits only 500 feet from Benedictine. Additionally, the Campaign will grow BSoR's campus to accommodate new athletic fields and complexes to support both the Cadets and Gators. The Campaign will also provide a dedicated performing and fine arts wing and a 3,400 square-foot chapel in the new Saint Gertrude Building. In addition, the Campaign will grow the BSoR endowment for greater student access by increasing scholarships for students at both Benedictine and Saint Gertrude.

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SGHS School Building

The Campaign will provide a leadership-focused, STEM-ready, 50,000 square-foot school building for the students of Saint Gertrude that supports educational excellence, extra-curricular activities, athletics, and spiritual development. In addition to classroom space for curriculum expansion in the sciences and fine arts, the building will have dedicated spaces for the liturgy, the sacraments, guest lecture opportunities, community gathering via the chapel, Great Hall, and Grand Terrace, and Saint Gertrude's first-ever dedicated dining hall.
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BSoR Athletic Campus Expansion

This 20-acre contiguous campus expansion will include three new multi-purpose athletic fields that will support student-athletes from both Benedictine and Saint Gertrude. To further enhance BSoR athletics, a softball field, an eight-court tennis complex, additional restrooms, athletic locker rooms, a concessions building, and an event pavilion are also part of the expansion.
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Saint Gertrude Chapel

The chapel in the new Saint Gertrude school building is a 3,400 square-foot space that will honor Saint Gertrude’s unique identity as a Catholic academic community where faith is treasured, the liturgy and sacraments are celebrated, and diverse traditions are shared and respected.
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Performing and Fine Arts Wing

The entire third floor of the new Saint Gertrude school building will be a dedicated multi-use art space including 2D and 3D art classrooms, a maker space, art gallery, choral classrooms, and a dance studio.
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BSoR Scholarships and Annual Fund

The Campaign for Saint Gertrude will also help grow and fund the Benedictine Schools of Richmond endowment for greater student access, thus increasing scholarships for both Gators and Cadets.