Welcome to the Benedictine Schools of Richmond.

Our leadership team operates two single-sex Catholic high schools, informed by the Rule of Saint Benedict. Our schools, Benedictine College Preparatory and Saint Gertrude High School, have shared a brother-sister relationship in Richmond for 100 years! Founded by the Benedictine Monks and Benedictine Sisters, the schools have many strengths including a rigorous academic environment, a strong faith-based culture, and a commitment to develop the leadership potential of every student. 

However, the center of gravity for our schools is their sense of community. We refer to our schools’ community as “our family.” This family sense is created in our classrooms, chapels, dining halls, performance stages, and athletic fields. We work, pray, eat, and play together. This is how and where a family is built in the home. We believe the same is true for a school. This charism of community is inherited from the first Benedictine monasteries and schools, founded 1500 years ago, and it remains a tradition we are proud to carry forward to this day. 

May God bless you and your family as you discern your membership in the family of our schools.

Yours in Prayer and Work,
Jesse Grapes

BSoR Board of Trustees

Mrs. Theresa Bahen '76, BCP '04, '07, '17 Parent
Mrs. Debbie Berger '87, BCP '16, '21 Parent
Ms. Bridget Ryan Berman '78
Mrs. Kathy Bliley '68
Sister Joanna Burley O.S.B.
BG. Norvell V. Coots '76
Mr. Jay Davenport
Mr. Buddy Gadams '89
Mr. Rodney Ganey '69
Mr. Michael Kehoe '84, SGHS '21 Parent
Fr. Christopher Kirchgessner O.S.B.
Mrs. Leslie Koenig-Stack '74, SGHS '22 Grandparent
Fr. Jonathan Licari O.S.B.
Mr. Kevin McNamara '74
Ms. Phillis Oeters '75
Mr. Steve Reardon '80, BCP '09 Parent; SGHS '10, '11, '12, '15 Parent
Mr. Ken Sullivan, BCP '15 Parent; SGHS '13, '19 Parent
Mr. Joseph R. Swedish '69
Del. R. Lee Ware
Monsignor John Williams