Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan Faith + Leadership

We are excited to introduce Faith + Leadership, Benedictine Schools of Richmond's strategic plan, adopted unanimously and enthusiastically by the Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, and monastic communities.

This strategic plan will help drive the entire BSoR community toward an environment where faith and leadership are not just part and parcel to everyday life at the schools, but they are the primary drivers in everything that the faculty, staff, and students do. Faith + Leadership is broken down into six priorities with individual strategic goals and objectives – all of which can be directly traced back to the schools’ newly defined vision statement. Each part of the plan points to a single-minded purpose of strengthening the faith and leadership profiles of the students we graduate.

Faith + Leadership is focused on serving our students, supporting our faculty and staff, strengthening our community, stewarding our resources, and enhancing the Benedictine charism in all that we do. Keep reading to learn more about the strategic plan, its goals, and objectives, and what it means for the future of the Benedictine Schools of Richmond.

Our Vision

The schools-of-choice for students and teachers who are inspired to excel, develop as leaders, and grow in their faith; a community that provides access for all students to be taught by Virginia’s best educators, builds young leaders of character, and glorifies God in all things.

Faith + Leadership: Goals and Objectives

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BSoR's Strategic Plan Committee

Co-Chair: Mrs. Bridget Ryan Berman ’78, Trustee
Co-Chair: Mr. Jesse Grapes, BSoR President; BCP ’22 Parent, SGHS ’26 Parent
Facilitator and Consultant: Dr. Keith Miller

Mrs. Theresa Cunningham Bahen '76, Trustee, BCP '04, '07, '17 Parent
Dr. Jennifer Bigelow, Former BSoR Academic Dean
Mr. Richard Boehling ’80, SGHS ’12, ’16 Parent
Sr. Joanna Burley O.S.B., Trustee
Fr. Brian Capuano
Ms. Jennifer Carr ’16
Mrs. Mary Keegan Cheatham '01
Mrs. Mika Coley
, BCP '16, '19 Parent; SGHS '22, '23 Parent
BG. Norvell V. Coots '76, Trustee
Mr. Bill Doran ’92, BCP Teacher and Coach
Mrs. Amanda Esparza, Former BSoR Administrator and Teacher
Mrs. Robyn D’Onofrio, SGHS Teacher and Coach
Mr. Michael Falcone, BCP  '24 Parent
Mr. Patrick Gallagher ’00
Mr. Rodney Ganey '69
, Trustee
Mrs. Sheila Arrighi Gervasoni ’73, Former SGHS Teacher; SGHS ’08, ’09, ’13 Parent
Mrs. Paige Guedri Gill '00
Mr. Thomas
Glass, BSoR Director of IT
Mrs. Cheryl Garrett Goddard ’80
Mr. Hilton Graham '98
Mr. Cabell Harris '77
Mrs. Anne Jamerson, 
BSoR Learning Specialist
Mrs. Kristina Kerns, Former BSoR Director of Marketing and Communications
Mr. Chris LaCivita, BCP '18 Parent; SGHS '16 Parent
Mr. Doug Legan
, SGHS ’26 Parent
Fr. Jonathan Licari O.S.B., Trustee
Mr. Greg Lilly, BSoR Director of Admissions
Mr. Kevin McNamara '74, Trustee
Sr. Michaela Martinez O.P.
Mr. Drew Mugford ’86, BSoR Principal, BCP ’25 Parent, SGHS ’13, ’16, ’19 Parent
Mrs. Buni Neighbors, Foundation Board, BCP ’21 Parent, SGHS ’22 Parent
Mr. Toriano Philips ’90
, Foundation Board
Mrs. Amy Roussy Pickral ’95, SGHS Head of School; SGHS ’23, ’25 Parent
Mrs. Lynn Rasch
Mr. Steve Reardon '80, Trustee, Foundation Board, BCP '09 Parent; SGHS '10, '11, '12, '15 Parent
Mrs. Pam Royall
Mr. Frank Russo, BCP ’24 Parent
Mr. Alex Schattner ’16
Mr. Del Smith ’01, BCP Head of School
Mr. Richard Smith ’88, Foundation Board
Abbot Placid Solari ’70 O.S.B., Foundation Board
Mr. Ken Sullivan, Trustee, BCP '15 Parent; SGHS '13, '19 Parent
Mr. Joseph R. Swedish '69, Trustee
Del. R. Lee Ware, Trustee, Former BCP Teacher
Sr. Andrea Westkamp O.S.B.

About the Strategic Planning Process

For Benedictine and Saint Gertrude, a strategic plan is never a rote exercise. We put our hearts and souls into it because it is, after all, the horizon we set for ourselves. The process of developing this plan has been both rigorous and comprehensive. We began by conducting quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups with every constituency in the BSoR community. Our Board provided feedback, guidance, and structure at every stage of revision and re-imagining. Faith + Leadership is the culmination of more than three years of listening to the people of the BSoR community - their hopes and dreams, their concerns and critiques, and their ambitions and aspirations.

We spoke with students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni/ae, parents, grandparents, prospective families, local parochial schools, and friends to ensure everyone in our community was represented. These diverse and dedicated members of our community formed nine different task force groups with the goal of developing a strategic plan to the propel our two schools into the future.